Our Solexes

The first Solexes were produced in France in 1946. In the Netherlands Solexes were introduced in 1948. By driving a Solex you can sense a true Dutch nostalgic vibe. With a tank full of gasoline (1,5 L) it’s possible to reach a distance of 70 km!
At the moment we have 40 of these vintage mopeds. The classic Solexes we have are mostly type 3800 and were built in the swinging sixties. They have a speed of 25 – 30 km per hour.
In the Netherland it’s not required (yet) to wear a helmet.

On these cool babies you can experience great trips starting from Amsterdam-North to the stunning countryside and back. All our trips on the classic Solexes are guided, costs are from €39 pp and for large groups it’s possible to hire extra Solexes.

All of the Solexes of SusieQ are running on eco friendly fuel, called Aspen 2takt. This way we drive much cleaner through the Amsterdam area: better for the environment, ourselves and the Solex!



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